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Cracktalk Newsletter 8-27-4

Crack Talk Member's Edition
Terry Blount
Worm Uses Webcams to Spy on Users
A new variant of the Rbot worm has the ability to take over users'webcams and use them to spy on people in their offices and homes.
Now if you could only point the cams away from the wall! Voyeurs would be better satisfied loading paltalk.
Free Online Legal Service Launched
The site is sponsored by the San Francisco-based Public InterestClearinghouse and can be found at The statecourt site address is they have referralsin 48 states.,49284759,1466,f/
MS Releases XP SP2 App Testing Guide
Separately, Microsoft released a script on its TechNet portal in orderto offer a way for enterprise customers to remotely block or unblock theautomated delivery of SP2.
"The ability to block delivery of Windows XP SP2 will be available for alimited time only," the company said.
US Starts Cyber Crime Crackdown - Spammers and Scammers Targeted
THE US JUSTICE Department is set to announce a major crackdown oncyber-crime that will include arrests, subpoenas and property seizuresof email spammers and online scam artists. They have already bustedabout 100 people.
U.S. Searches Computers, Trying to Disrupt Piracy
The government said its action was aimed at a group called theUnderground Network.
Public Radio News Site
Public Radio has a pretty good web site that covers stories not pickedup by major news networks.
RSS Attracts Really Serious Money
Over the last year or so, RSS has become one of the buzz terms mostheard in blogging circles. It allows anyone to automatically receivefree feeds from countless numbers of blogs and a growing number of newsservices. One of the leading blog and RSS tracking services acknowledgedMonday it recently closed a multimillion-dollar round of venture capitalfunding.,1367,64716,00.html?tw=rss.TOP
Record songs from your XM PCR satellite radio directly onto your PC inMP3 format!
It's a pretty cool program since it saves the songs individually undertheir titles. It only works with XM and is $29... till someone cracksit.
I'm happy with one huge mp3 file. After all I couldn't skip a song beingplayed via satellite anyway. I've also filled several tapes that I takewith me if I'm going on a short drive and don't want to move my receiverto my pickup. It's easy since the music is played through a radio thathas a tape recorder.
For $42 you can broadcast anything on your computer to a tv or radio.This card turns your PC into a high definition TV and FM entertainmentcenter.
There are much cheaper ways to broadcast audio only from a pc, or anyother device with a headphone jack, but since the range of most of themis limited to about 30 feet you may as well turn up the volume.
'NFL 2K5' edges out 'Madden NFL 2005'
NFL 2K5 has rolled out a polished game for the bargain price of $20,while Madden NFL 2005 goes for $50. give the edge to NFL 2K5 for itslower price and superior graphics and presentation.
Ratings: NFL 2K5, four stars out of four; Madden NFL 2005, three and ahalf stars out of four. Madden NFL 2005 has sold 1.3 million copies.
Size Doesn't Matter After All
A new extra-solar planet has been identified orbiting a star 500 lightyears from our solar system. The discovery was made by a team using afour-inch diameter telescope to make their observations - a size of'scope readily available at stores like Walmart.
Steve Writes:
How to fix XP SP2 after it blocks your maximum new connections to max 10/sec.
Installing SP2 on AMD 64-bit machines may cause the devices to restartrepeatedly, according to Microsoft. The problem occurs in those systemsif they also are configured to enforce so-called data executionprevention (DEP) and contain hardware that requires driver softwareknown as mpegport.sys. A specific program known to set off the glitch isSigma Designs' Hollywood Plus DVD decoder application.
Microsoft says users may be able to resolve the problem by configuringan exception to the DEP rule. Otherwise, the company advises AMD usersto remove SP2 altogether.
A security bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer's drag-and-drop featureaffects IE versions 5.01, 5.5 and 6.0 on fully patched systems runningMicrosoft Windows XP SP1 or SP2.
Secunia rated the flaws "highly critical" and urged IE users to disablethe browser's Active Scripting feature.
The company said the vulnerability is caused by insufficient validationof drag-and-drop events issued from the "Internet" zone to localresources. An attacker could potentially plant a harmful executable filein a user's startup folder, which will execute the next time Windowsboots.
NOTICE: Turning scripting off causes many major websites to FAIL toopen. Only do it if you are running XP and remember you have done itif a page won't load.

Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully - in Ten Minutes
by Stephen King
Good stuff although I think #5 is the most important thing you cancontrol. "Don't do anything that will break your train of thought." Onceyou get rolling on an idea just let it go and don't stop for spellin,gramar, ect.
Energy from the Sea
Escalating oil prices and worries about global warming have shifted thequest for renewable energy sources into high gear. While wind and solarclaim most of the attention, and hopes are high for high-tech hydrogen,the dark horse in this race may be the restless energy of the sea.,1282,64695,00.html?tw=rss.TOP
Energy from Hamsters - Hamster Powered Night Light
Holiday Inn Pulls Out Of Expedia,
The reason for pulling out of Expedia and is a failure tomeet the "certification" process they've laid out, but it really justmeans they want more control over their own inventory.
More than half of all hotels booked online are booked by a third-partyagency such as Orbitz," according to a 2004 study by PhoCusWright.
Google to Pay Bloggers
We were making money from those ads, but you weren't getting any of it.Now, we're inviting you to set up your own Bloggerized AdSense accountso that you make the money. What's the catch? We're going to take someof the action. The move to pay bloggers is sure to give Google a leg upon rivals in the space, notably Movable Type's fee-based TypePadservice.
Why drive a long way and stand in line and wait for hours to get a lostbirth certificate?
Go to and look for the "National Center for HealthStatistics" link. Here you will find state-by-state listings of how toobtain a birth certificate. In a matter of minutes, a certified copy canbe authorized and put in express mail to you.
Someone at Google literally scans the pages of more than 6,000 mailorder catalogs, page by page, into the site. Although you can't orderdirectly from the site, you can browse and then grab the telephonenumber off the bottom of the page, call and place an order or simply getyourself on the catalog's mailing list.
NASA will parachute samples to the earth from outer space and catch themas they fall with a hook from a helicopter.
U.S. investigators found that women who sipped at least one sugary drinkevery day had an 83 percent higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes.Previous research has also shown that kids who are heavy soda-drinkershave a higher risk of obesity, suggesting that sugary soft drinks putpeople in particular danger of weight gain.
Have some fun and get a 30 second review of a classical movie performedby bunnies.
This is currently the hacker's favorite DVD player.
Philips DVD/Divx Player $69 now has the popular Philips DVP642 in stock at $69.84, $7.01shipping. Search for DVP642
Plays those downloaded movies. DVD, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/+RW, CD, CD-R/RW,VCD, SVCD, MP3-CD, MPEG-4, Picture-CD and DivX 3.11/4.x/5.x.
Also plays JPEG, mpg, Xvid, PAL DVDs, PAL Divx, and even ASF (which itdoesn't claim to support, but still works). It also has Progressive scanand 4x upsampling. You can just dump these files on a DVD and it willstart playing them. No need to specially format the disk. We've verifiedit ourselves.
Latest firmware update-
Instructions on how to run the firmware upgrade at: you just unzip the firmware and write it to a cd and put thecd in the player. The flash is automatic and takes about 2 minutes. Ifit's successful the player will shut down. Unplug the unit and waitabout 15 seconds. Plug it back in and turn it on and the tray will open.Remove the cd immediately.
Region hack - PRESS and HOLD STOP for 2 seconds. The dvd player willopen. Press 7, 8, 9 on your remote. Press OKAY. Select 0 for regionfree. (if that didn't work your firmware is different and 0-0-0-0-OK-0may work.) Get some snacks, drink, lubrication, and watch your movie.

Businesses that record the security videos day and night pay thousandsof dollars for the systems. However with the $29 video/audio camera fromharbor freight you can set up the same system for a fraction of theprice. You won't get real high quality and you'll need a vcr that canrecord real time 24 or more hours but it will work good enough to catcha thief. Here is the best deal I have found for a 24 hr vcr... and itwill record up to 960 hours (on 120 min tapes) using snapshots. Anexcellent value for UNDER $200!
These are only about $10 more and will record up to 1280 hrs on a tape.Some have built in alarms.
This one for $211 has Longest-life bearing capstan motor for 250% to800% longer life than standard time lapse VCR's 24 hour real-time/1280hour recorders.
Gateway 5Mpixel $149, Aug 27
TigerDirect has the Gateway DC-T50 / 5.25 Megapixel / 3x Optical Zoom /4x Digital Zoom / Refurbished Digital Camera $149.99, $13 shipping. (32meg memory stick)
For about $20 more you can have this 6.0 megapixel 4x zoon digitalcamera (16 meg memory stick)
For Export Only
The Model AMP2441 is a 1 Watt, 2.4 GHz waterproof bi-directional polemounted amplifier for use with Spread Spectrum radio modems and wirelessLAN equipment. When used with 24 dB gain grid dish antennas, ranges upto 50 miles (80 km) line-of-sight can be achieved! $545
Another one for $300
You can find some great deals and interesting stuff by searching formerchandise marked for "export only" using sites like
The End
Political campaigns usually bore me because it's mostly the same old bsover and over again. But sometimes I see something clever like this. 10 out of 10 terrorist agree: Anybody But Bush

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Best Of Success
Stan Morse
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