Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Personal Entry

So much to do..... so little time...
My oldest son, Charles, move to the farm to go to Millry High School his senior year and try to play football. He has been in the band until this year. He worked very hard to get his grades up enough to play ball but with no experience and going to a school that had about 70 kids trying to make the team he realized that his best chances to play were to transfer to the small school I went to for 12 years. There are about 30 boys dressing out in Millry High but about half are 8th and 9th graders or very small. Charles is 6' 2" and over 200lbs and has lifted weights for several years and should be able to hold his ground.. once he figures out what to do and gets more confidence. It's good to have him here since I have been spending a few days a week here for the last 3 years and trying to help out my parents. I think he enjoys being his "own man" for a while.
My daughter Teresa is 20 now and has finished 2 years of public service she joined after she finished high school. She will be coming home next week and Charlotte is flying to New York to her graduation and spend a week visiting her friends (who used to be our neighbors.) Teresa is flying home with her and we have fixed her old room so she can stay with us and attend college. It will be good to see her. I got to see her about 6 months ago when she was in Atlanta.
James is staying with Charlotte and entering the 11th grade this year. I'll have to go take care of him while Charlotte is gone since he is a diabetic and needs to have someone around should his sugar level get too low. And to get him off to school in the mornings. He hates to get up!
I should be finishing the work on the house in Butler this weekend and although I really appreciated the income I need some time to slow down and catch up on some things... and maybe even relax or travel to a flying event.
Speaking of flying... it seems the guy who sold me the bad engine is going to have to answer to court. He was served and has 14 days to reply or set the date of the hearing. I'll be so happy to get that matter resolved. I really think he should have cooperated to swap the engine when it was obvious the engine he sold me was not going to work on an aircraft and the company pulled it from the aviation market. I offered to pay the difference but he just took the "screw you" attitude. I guess he figured it was too much trouble for me to take him to court.
On top of all this stuff .. and the work that I put into each newsletter every week, my dad had a company come and cut down a 70+ year old oak tree in his front yard. The base of the tree is at least 5 ft. The limbs are up to 2 and 3 feet. They just cut the tree and left everything for us to clean up. It's a HUGE job, especially since it is all going to be cut to about 18 inches and the big logs split for fire wood. And dad wants to run the limbs through a chipper.... that will be a LOT of work. I rather buy chips than fight that thing... I suspect he will eventually reach the same conclusion.
I borrowed a bush hog from the guy who lets me fly from his field and cut the bushes and tall weeds that grew up between the pine trees that were planted about 5 years ago. That makes the place look much nicer. Within a couple more years the trees will be so big that nothing can easily grow under them. I'm looking forward to that.
Since I got my new 2.7ghz computer I gave Randy (the guy at Millry Metal Works that flies with me and help me fix my powerchute) a good deal on my old system. The Scsi drive and extra memory on a processor 3 times the speed he was running is a world of difference. He is probably going to use it mainly to listen to BlueGrass music on Sirius and play Elf Bowling and Solitaire... but at least he can load it fast! I have a feeling he will be too busy to waste time because he got the contract to build the stairs for the tallest building in Alabama... 37 stories.
Ok... this is taking too long and I got to get the newsletter mailed out and play a game or two of spades in the zone before I go to bed.

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