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Crack Talk 9-3-4

Crack Talk 9-3-4
Terry Blount
I got 25 more gmail invites and sent them out to those of you on thewaiting list. It was taking too long because I had to copy and pastefrom the waiting list... then close gmail and open another account andcopy and paste them back... so I just made up names to save time. If yougot one from perfectflyer or southernpilot that was me. Donald sent 4 tomembers who were on the waiting list. Thanks Donald.
The XM Radio Recording Software is HOT ....BUT
StationRipper, is available free of charge and had been downloaded morethan 44,000 times on Download.com as of Tuesday. Other popular recordingprograms include TotalRecorder and ReplayRadio.
In postings on Download.com, several users hailed StationRipper as abetter alternative to peer-to-peer networks, which are often mined withdecoy files and are monitored by recording industry sleuths.
One user said the program made it possible to download nearly 3,000songs in a 20-hour period from multiple Internet radio stationssimultaneously.
The recording industry has yet to devise a way to block such methods ofcopying music, so it has mostly concentrated its enforcement campaign onpeople who distribute song files.http://www.newsisfree.com/iclick/i,49909229,1466,f/
Gmail offline storage... didn't I suggest something like this?
GmailFS provides a mountable Linux filesystem which uses your Gmailaccount as its storage medium. If you're using Linux, you can turn Gmailinto a mountable filesystem with GmailFS.http://richard.jones.name/google-hacks/gmail-filesystem/gmail-filesystem.html
I'm sure someone will port this to the Windoz platform.
Longhorn 2006
Microsoft announcement that it is targeting 2006 for release of the nextWindows Os system called Longhorn. Compromises will have to be made andsome planned features like the new file system will be scrapped.http://www.internetnews.com/dev-news/article.php/3400941
Microsoft opted to cut the new Windows File System. This file system wassupposed to offer a lot and could have really given them an edge.Microsoft has apparently decided that they will rely on offering moreunwanted features in its place in hopes that no one will mind that much.Sure, that'll work.
Some journalist are now calling it "shorthorn" and say the door isopening wider for alternative operating systems.http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,1640879,00.asp
"Longhorn is going to stop being a whole new thing and more of an XPwith a lot of good new stuff," said one developer close to Microsoft,who requested anonymity.
Media Player 10 officially released
Notice: If you are running Win ME it will detect it and send you Version9 instead. I guess 10 only works with XP.
Yahoo Inc. sold $191 million in Google Inc. stock this week, cashing outsome of the 2.7 million shares Google gave Yahoo this month to settletwo lawsuits.
Apparently the big wheels at Yahoo don't think Google's stock will go up.
Hack Caller Id and show the person you are calling any number you want.Great for debt collectors! (NOT free) http://star38.com/s38.php
HP is angry with a distributor who bought and sold millions of dollarsworth of their computer hardware at discounts and wants 8.6 millionback.http://news.com.com/HP+files+lawsuit+over+discounts/2100-7341_3-5344650.html
3am Labs will release a free version of its Logmein desktop remotecontrol package. People can access desktop applications on their home orbusiness PC from any device with a browser.http://news.com.com/Software+maker+launches+remote-access+tools/2100-1012_3-5338700.html
Get it here: https://secure.logmein.com/go.asp?page=home
In a marriage between a centuries-old custom and the latest intechnology, some Muslim men are dumping their wives by simply texting,"I d4c U" three times to their cell phones.
Video Motion Detector Fits Mini Ic Board
The VMD-19 is a video motion detector on a standard 0.6-in.-wide 18-pinmini IC board. It can be directly connected to a composite video signalto detect motion of objects within the video signal. The unit analyzes avideo signal and, when movement is detected, an output signal is giventhat can be used to start a VCR to automatically record the scene oncethe motion stops, the VCR can stop recording. The unit is compatiblewith NTSC, PAL, EIA, CCIR and SECAM video standards, and offers andprovides a digital output upon signal loss. ($33 available now.)http://electronicproducts.com/ShowPage.asp?SECTION=3700&PRIMID=&FileName=bpgj35.oct2004.html
eBay: Not For Everyone
For as big a group of users as eBay has, still there are plenty ofpeople who would just rather buy products at a fixed price. Of course,eBay does now have the "Buy it now" feature that solves exactly thatissue, but that seems like a footnote to how eBay is supposed to work.The writer here notes that the whole eBay auction takes too much time.If she wants to buy something, she just wants to buy it. She doesn'twant to bid. She doesn't want to check the auction, and she doesn't wantto wait a few days to find out if she got the product. "While I havebought two or three things off of eBay, overall, I've found betterprices, reliability and service just by buying at fixed price stores(including eBay's fixed price division Half.com)."
Here is an example: Dell Latitude CPX P3 650MHz, 128MB, 12GB, 24X CD + 6month warranty. $385.00
Keyboard with 512k of memory, 700h battery life
The AlphaSmart Neo is a full-sized keyboard with a little LCD screen onthe top. It acts as a word-processor, letting you type into its 512kcache while it draws power from 3 AA batteries. When you get back toyour Mac or PC, you just dump the text over USB or IR. The thing runsfor 700 hours on a 3 AA batts and costs $250, and weighs about 2 lbs.http://www.pdalive.com/showarticle.php?threadid=6984
AlphaSmart has a model that supports memory cards -- and it comes withWiFi and PalmOS. http://www2.alphasmart.com/products/dana-w.html
Hummm.... $250 for this device or $1 for a notepad and pencil from thedollar store... that's a tough call.
We May Never Have Flying Cars http://www.usatoday.com/travel/news/2004-08-30-flying-cars_x.htm
Reports of alien radio signals are merely another crackpot internet rumor,say astronomers.
ScreenGoo is a paint-on movie screen compound that can turn any wall into a screen: Screen Goo is a specially formatted, highly reflective acrylic paint, designed specifically for the video projection industry. Screen Goo acrylic paint allows one to transform any smooth paintable surface into a high performance projection screen. http://www.goosystems.com/cgi-bin/ic/goosystems/screengoo?id=gUDbCMye
Sony has created a new black screen material that rejects ambient lightother than red, green, blue. This means that the Achilles heel of frontprojectors -- rejection of ambient light -- may soon be eliminated.http://www.cdfreaks.com/news2.php?ID=9984
UPS has deployed three fuel cell-powered trucks, a first in the US. "Ourtest programs showed the on-road reliability of fuel cells is excellent,equivalent to our current fleet"
Gavin Writes:
You mentioned this in your newsletter:
Although Microsoft neglected to include msconfig in Windows 2000, you can run it by copying the files onto your Windows 2000 computer from a Windows XP computer.
I've been using a program for a while to sort out configuration problemsfrom time to time, and you do not have to install, run it from anywhere,it can (right click) also jump to where it is in "REGEDIT" very usefuland its "FREEWARE"
The programs called "AUTORUNS" only 40k zipped Autoruns works onall versions of Windows.
The site: http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/freeware/autoruns.shtml
A 15-year-old boy shoplifted the ticket from a grocery store outside thenortheastern Swedish town of Oernskoeldsvi. When he went home andscratched the ticket, he discovered it contained a winning combinationworth up to 7.5 million kronor or about $1.3 million Cdn. Store managerPatrik Nygren, however, recognized the teenager on surveillance tapes,and went to the boy's house to reclaim it.
My question is... why didn't the boy immediately go to another store.Buy a ticket and shout "I WON!" and THEN turn in the winning ticket?
There Was Gold In Them Their Hills
Huge Pot Bust in Madera County
A huge marijuana raid in the North Valley has netted thousands ofplants, including a type which is particularly attractive to illegalgrowers. About 6,200 plants were hacked out of an almond orchard nearAvenue 18 1/2 after a midnight raid. Investigators estimate the streetvalue of the plants at over $18 million.
From the Madera County official web page:
Madera County, situated in the heart of California, and counting one ofthe Nation's gems, Yosemite National Park, as one of the county'sassets, makes Madera County one of the best choices to live, learn andearn a living. http://www.madera-county.com/
Buy A Car Without A Credit Check
What makes this program work is the Navicom GPS unit in every car," saidScott Miller, CEO of Automotive Capital Group. The lender hasknowledge of the location of the car at all times and even has theability to disable the auto from starting via the Internet. WithNavicom, a late payment on a vehicle allows the lender to be proactiveand shut off service on that car.http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/09-03-2004/0002243750&EDATE=
JVC GR-D30US Digital Camcorder
I saw that Sears had a $100 instant savings on this dvd video cam whichbrought their price down to $305 but you know me... I'm never satisfiedtill I've done more checking. I found a factory reconditioned one here:http://shop.store.yahoo.com/discountsonline/jvcgrdica.html for $234, butI don't like the $26 they jack it up for shipping so I opted out. Youcan bet I wrote to them and told them I opted out too. A lot of vendorsare selling it for less than Sears even after their discount.
You can get one a customer returned for $199 /free shipping from: http://www.vanns.com/shop/servlet/item/features/497399275
Even after all I read about this video camera I still don't know howlong you can record on a single mini dvd.
Tip: Use http://www.bizrate.com/ to check prices before you buy. Theyfrequently find much better deals than Froogle.
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