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Cracktalk Newsletter 9-24-4

Crack Talk 9-24-4
Terry Blount

Microsoft will secure IE for XP only.
If you're one of about 200 million people using older versions ofWindows and you want the latest security enhancements to InternetExplorer, you'll have to pay at least $99 to update to XP. Microsoftsays the only way they can secure Internet Explorer is to require theuse of Windows XP as the platform.
This is Microsoft's way of strong-arming people to pay for an upgrade toan operating system they don't want. It won't work. Their are corporatecustomers with thousands of systems on networks set up on older versionsthat will demand security fixes. And what could be worse, millions ofWin98 machines are sitting in people's houses, connected to always-onbroadband. If those machines are compromised and turned into zombiesthey will be used to attack Microsoft as well as their customers.
Microsoft has a released patch to fixed a hole in XP Service Pack 2. (Just check for updates.)
What do you do when your security is lame?
If you are AOL you charge your customers $2 more to add a secondpassword for logging on.,54057039,1466,f/
Exploits Circulating for JPEG Flaw
Just eight days after Microsoft released a fix for a "critical" flawin the way JPEG files are processed, researchers have discoveredproof-of-concept exploit code that is targeting unpatched machines.
How Microsoft Tricks Search Engines for Top Billings
Windows besieged by hackers
Computer security firm says number of viruses aimed at Windows soars bymore than 400%. Nearly 5,000 new Windows viruses and worms weredocumented in the first half of the year, up from about 1,000 a yearearlier, said Symantec.
BSA now pushing 700 software piracy probes in the U.S,10801,96109,00.html
The story was interesting to me because the head of the BSA (Kruger)estimates that 95% of the e-mail spam that people receive with offers offree software comes from a single location in Russia, "and it's veryhard to stop."
No Peeking
The House approved legislation to make it a crime to secretly photographor videotape people for lascivious purposes. Under the legislation videovoyeurism on federal lands would be punishable by a fine of not more than$100,000 or imprisonment for up to one year, or both.,54284272,1466,f/
On Federal lands? Hummm, guess that rules out a few places like Yellowstoneand Yosemite and the White House.
Speaking of Peep Shows...
Federal regulators on Wednesday fined CBS a record $550,000 for JanetJackson's 'wardrobe malfunction.'

Google Wants a Browser
Google is buying staff of programmers to build a web browser. Employeeshave already been poached from Microsoft and Sun.
You're not sick... go home!
New software assesses pain and administers the exact amount of painrelief and sedative drugs the patient needs. This would save hospitalsbillions in wasted drugs, as well as make better use of bed spaces.
Patrick Deuel is on a diet.
He is down to about 700 pounds after losing 372. He hopes to lose 400 more.He was up to 1,072. (It's unbelievable that someone could lose 800 lbs andSTILL be overweight.)
The Shawshank Redemption has been voted the best film never to have wonan Oscar in a poll conducted for the Radio Times Guide To Films.
TOP 10 NON-OSCAR WINNERS1) The Shawshank Redemption2) It's a Wonderful Life3) ET the Extra-Terrestrial4) 2001: A Space Odyssey5) The Great Escape6) The Wizard of Oz7) Some Like It Hot8) The Color Purple9) Raiders of the Lost Ark10) Psycho
North Korea: On the face of it
Very seldom do journalist get a view inside North Korea but thisreporter got a staged tour and found that despite the outward appearancethe whole country looked as if it had broken down, with no prospect ofrepair.
You could see when the glory days had ended. No more guaranteed marketsthen for North Korea's shoddy goods, and no more big investment fromsympathetic communist neighbors either.
Can you solve this problem?
It took me about 20 minutes to figure it out.
NASA-funded scientists are designing Stirling engines, first invented in1816, to power long-range spacecraft that travel too far from the Sun touse solar power. Decaying plutonium heats up helium until it starts achain reaction of contraction and expansion, producing sound waves thatfire a piston.
What to Eat on the Way to Mars
Food scientists are working out ways to feed astronauts on a mission toMars that will last years.,2697,64976,00.html?tw=rss.TOP
John Madden will join Sirius Radio as one of their footballcommentators.
Federal law requires that men living in the US who are at least 18 yearsold, but not yet 26 years old, must be registered with SelectiveService. It takes only a minute to register on-line. You must have yourSocial Security number to register this way.
The penalty for failing to register can be up to five years in jailand/or a fine of up to $250,000.
The death toll in Haiti from Hurricane Jeanne could reach 2,000.
More than five million South Africans are HIV positive
The Department of Health estimated that 5.6 million of the SouthAfrica's 45 million population are HIV positive.
I'm being followed by a Moon Shadow
It turned out that the "Moon Shadow" following Cat Stephens was actuallythe Homeland Security Service. They decided to deport the 70's pop starbecause they said he had "potential" terrorism links.
Spectacular Aerial Photos of the most beautiful places on Earth
Some spectular views are man made
Half of Today's Singles Have Used a Dating Service
Just a decade ago, only 8% of U.S. singles stated that they had everused a dating service. Times have changed. According to a recent studyof 3,968 singles, 48% of men and 52% of women have used a dating serviceto increase their odds of meeting someone.
The study found that women do care how much money their partner makes.88% of women said that money is very important in a relationship.
68% of men will not go on a second date if there was no chemistry.Women are more willing to give it a second chance. 56% of women will goon a second date and hope that the chemistry improves.
There are currently over 110 million singles in the United States. Thedating industry is estimated at nearly $1.5 billion and is growing at25% annually.
Slow Getaway
A man in a wheelchair robbed a bank and didn't even come close togetting away with the $200. (He needs a better plan... I suggest heturbocharger his get-a-way vehicle before his next big caper.)
Going strong at 90
Jack LaLanne (the fitness guru) plans to swim 22 hours underwater (withair tanks or a hose to the surface) the 26 miles from Catalina Island toLos Angeles. At 40, he towed a 2,000-pound cabin cruiser as he swam theGolden Gate Channel. At 60, he put handcuffs on his wrists and swam fromAlcatraz to Fisherman's Wharf while towing a half-ton boat. At 70, heswam a portion of the Long Beach harbor with 70 people in 70 boats tiedto his back.
A 70 year old Malaysian man shot and killed his wife after he mistookher for a monkey picking fruit in a tree behind their house. His wife,68, had used a ladder to climb into the tree and was picking thetropical fruit when she was shot. The couple had raised 13 children.
Too much of a good thing
Tiger Woods has admitted he is still struggling with the inconsistenciesthat have plagued his game this year.
DUHHHHHH.... Tiger, haven't you noticed you haven't won a single majortournament since you got MARRIED? Poontang has been scientificallyproven to diminish a man's performance.
Despite his winless streak in golf's majors he is still among thehighest paid celebrities, making about 70 million per year inendorsements.
Mel Gibson, Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg make 3 times Tiger'sannual income. Which of those 3 are the riches? Mel, Oprah or Steven ?
Forbes 400 riches Americans.. admission price 750 million.
Dogs trained to smell bladder cancer in urine
Research published in the British Medical Journal, scientists have showndogs can identify bladder cancer by detecting chemicals in urine emittedby cancerous cells.
Parents of newborn babies could be in for a better night's sleep, thanksto an invention by a young design graduate, which gently rocks a baby ifit starts crying.
This Just in
The US Government has determined that cigarette makers lied about thedangers of smoking for 50 years.
Good to see our tax dollars on top of things.
Ladies... tune in and pump them up!
No more operations to enlarge your breast... just listen to thespecially designed music and your brain will be stimulate to enlargeyour breasts.
Not to discredit this amazing scientific breakthrough.... but the onlytestimony I could find was from a 19 year old who claimed hers grew awhopping 2 centimeters. Hummm, couldn't that have just been the resultof pms? Anyway, I'm looking forward to the "perky" version of this hittune.

Bush/Edwards 2005
What would happen in the next presidential election if there was a tiein the Electoral College. Who wins the seat in the Oval Office? WouldPresident Bush win automatically because he's the incumbent? Or, wouldthere be another election?
In the event of a tie, the U.S. House of Representatives would choosethe president based on one vote per state represented. The winner musthave an absolute majority. With the House under Republican control, itwould seem logical that George W. Bush would be tapped as the winner.The Senate chooses the vice president. With Democrats in control of theSenate, they would likely select John Edwards as the vice president.
California bans weed pulling by hand on farms New rule says work is too backbreaking for laborers
Yeah... it's backbraking... but compared to a tour in Iraq where thetemprature is 120+ and much hotter in the protective cloting the menhave to wear... I think I'll chose pulling weeds.
The average internet user spent about $1,000 online last year.
Her is a summary of what they bought:,1271,-4511254,00.html
John Writes:
You can buy the Phillips DVP642 at the Phillips website for $59 withfree shipping.
This is a great online store for Australians
Ford Motor Co. announced new incentives for customers, including sixyear loans with zero-interest - start this Sunday on 2004 models.
Corrections... 3.142 is spelled pi.. not pie. I better be careful or I'll be trying to lose 800 lbs!
The End

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