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Cracktalk Newsletter 10-22-4

Crack Talk 10-22-4
Terry Blount
I wanted to mention that you must first subscribe to the message board( before your postwill be accepted. Here is the easy way... from your email account (thatyou want to sign up under) just send a message
You will get back a message to confirm... and when you confirm you aresubscribed. You can also post messages directly from your emailaccount (that is signed up): (or unsubscribevia email: I suggest you use asecondary email account or read online. If anyone has info about Yahoogroups security/hacking let me know so we can run it right. A couplemembers are helping moderate even though the only rules at this time areto be nice and use common sense about posting anything that may beillegal.
If you have a cool website or a book or a service or some otheraccomplishment you want to let people know about you can post to thegroup. Only about half the people who have signed up are CT members soyou can reach people that the newsletter doesn't.
Here is a very good tip posted on the Yahoo Cracktalk message board:
Fred Writes: (Fred is also helping to run the board.)
Title: Huge Security Risk: hidden Admin account in WinXP Category:Windows by Dennis Faas The administrator account in Windows XP isactually hidden and poses a massive security risk (especially forWindows XP Home Edition users).
" ... If you first boot into Windows XP and you are prompted with a'Welcome' screen asking you for a user ID to log into the computer, thenyou can access the Administrator account directly by pressing CTRL + ALT+ DEL on the keyboard, let go of DEL (still holding onto the otherkeys), and then tap DEL again. This will bring you to a Windows 2000/NTstyle login box; if you type in 'Administrator' as the user ID inWindows XP Home Edition, there is no password by default and you canaccess the system. On XP Pro, the admin password is whatever you set itas at the time of installing Windows."
Side note: Both and confirm that the XP HomeEdition Admin account has no password. It's also worth mentioning thatthe 'welcome' screen can be accessed at any time if you click Start ->Log Off [user name], even if you don't have the welcome screen displayedat boot up.
Fosi is still going strong:
Good Crack Searching Engine
News about cracking groups and occasional quotes from Crack Talk
AMD Present More Troubles for Intel
Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices renewed the claims of being the makerof the fastest PC Microprocessors with the launch of two new processors.
Terrorism Really Sucks
No football for you !
New Powers for Women
TV B-Gone, a keychain fob that you can use to turn off TVs anywhere.The device, which looks like an automobile remote, has just one button.When activated, it spends over a minute flashing out 209 different codesto turn off televisions, the most popular brands first.
Google Tips and Tricks
Grand Theft of Grand Theft
Take-Two Interactive Software confirmed that a purloined copy of "GrandTheft Auto: San Andreas," set for commercial release next week, ismaking the rounds of "warez" sites used to swap pirated software.
Internet-based calling is moving beyond the PC and into the mobilerealm, as Boingo Wireless and Vonage join forces to provide voice overWi-Fi service as a complement to traditional VoIP.
Anti-Virus Programs Can Be Tricked By Hackers
Here is how they do it and a list of AV scanners that are fooled.
Save $199,000
Last week I reported on Virgin's plans to take tourist on a sub-spacegravity free flight. The price for the trip is about $200,000 ... howeverfor those who can wait till they are dead it will only cost $1,000.,57679789,6622,f/
Do you have satellite?
Why yes we do... right here in our living room. Luckily we weren't homewhen it came crashing through the roof.
Howard Stern Credited For 69K New Sirius Subscribers
Sirius is claiming that the announcement that Howard Stern would bejoining their programming ranks has helped them sign up 69,000 newsubscribers, pushing their total subscribers over 700,000 (still wellbelow XM). Of course, those 69,000 Stern fans may not be all thatthrilled when they realize that Stern doesn't move to Sirius untilsometime in 2006.
Maybe someone can explain his popularity to me. I've listened to Sterna few times and watched his program on cable tv... but all I ever sawwas him interviewing some porn queens or a model he was trying toconvince to expose her breast. They call him the king of the media... butthat's kingly about the same behavior you find from drunks at a bararound closing time?
Gooks headed for space?
South Korea will pick its first two astronauts next year for a spacetrip by 2007, the science ministry said Sunday, after Russia agreed tohelp the country's space program.
Now before anyone jumps on me for using that headline... in the Koreanlanguage "Me gook" means American. As the story goes... in the Koreanwar when the American soldiers would pass by Korean children they wouldsay "me-gook." Naturally, to the American soldiers who didn't speak thelanguage it sounded like they were saying "I'm a gook" and to make along story short... all oriental people started being called "gooks."The term became even more popular in Vietnam war it was mostly used asa derogatory racial slur - but gook simply means nation. Me gook isAmerican, Chong gook is China etc. Since Americans have already been tospace the headline is misleading.
UK Scientists Develop New Vaccine Technology
The new technology eliminates refrigeration of vaccines which makes itcheaper and possible to deliver to an extra 10 MILLION children inremote areas of the world.
American Passports to Get Chipped
The United States plans to issue passports with personal data stored onradio frequency identification chips. The documents would be harder toforge, but might leave holders vulnerable to identity theft.
Churches Jam Cell Phones
I tried to call but you didn't answer.... Signed God
Samsung Unveils First 5-Megapixel Camera Phone
Handset also features camcorder functions and text-to-speech conversion.The new phone provides image quality similar to a top-end digital stillcamera and has a flat screen capable of displaying 16 million colors,57630151,7665,f/
Fuel cells are just arriving on the market as a replacement. But thereis a new contender: micro gas turbine engines under development at theMIT. Engineers there shrunk jet engines to the size of a coat button.And their blades which span an area smaller than a dime can spin amillion times per minute and produce enough electricity to power yourPDA or your cell phone. While there are still a few hurdles to overcome,these micro turbine engines should be operational in two or three years.These micro jet engines also have the potential to free soldiers ortravelers to carry heavy batteries. The engineers even think theirengines on a chip could be used in poor countries to bring electricitythere.
And the winners are....
Google posts third-quarter profit of $52 million
Symantec posted third-quarter profits of $135.6 million
eBay posted third-quarter profits of $182 million
Microsoft posted third-quarter profits of $2.9 BILLION
U.S. to Poison Prairie Dogs in South Dakota
What? I'm confused...
US Wildlife and Fish Services put Prairie Dog on the endangered list inFebruary 2000.
This reminds me of the movie "Caddyshack" where Bill Murray was tryingto get rid of the gophers (prairie dogs) which by the way starred RodneyDangerfield the comedian who finally got some respect when he passedaway at 82 - Oct 6, 2004.
The CONVICTED Rich Get Richer
Martha Stewart is selling her prison memoirs for a cool $5 million.Reports say she is making the best of her jail time by developing'innovative' new microwave cooking recipes.
In my opinion she shouldn't have been locked. After all she just didwhat we all do. We just do it on a smaller level. For example of daily"insider trading" you may go to Walmart and put a tv in a shopping cartbut on your way to the checkout counter you meet a friend who worksthere. She tells you "Honey, don't buy that now.... It will be on salenext week."
Sweat Shops
A detailed study found that turning up the heat in the building whereemployees work increases their productivity. A company could earn anextra $2 per employee per hour. The details show that at 68 degreesthere were many more typing errors and slower output. At 77 degrees,errors decreased 44% and output increased 150%.
The Luminous Toilet Seat
Cool - but it must be for the ladies room. I can't see going to thatmuch trouble to help men with their aim.
Which is the most fuel-efficient car on the road?
The government has come out with its report for 2005 models and thetwo-seater Honda Insight came in with the best fuel economy with 61miles a gallon in the city and 66 on the highway.
The lowest fuel economy award goes to the Dodge Ram pickup, two-wheeldrive, with 9 miles a gallon in the city and 12 on the highway.
Size Does Matter
New study finds that fat men have poor lazy sperm. The study also findsthat overweight women also have trouble conceiving naturally.
Humm, does this prove that Darwins theory of natural selection iswrong? It would seem that if fat people aren't procreating thehuman species would get thinner.
Some Polls are Supicous at Best
57% of Turkish women said their spouses were right to beat them.
Turkish women enjoy greater freedoms than those in many other Muslimnations. For decades, they have had the right to vote, access toeducation, the right to divorce and the right to abortion. But a recentreport by Amnesty International estimated that at least one third ofTurkish women are victims of domestic violence in which they are "hit,raped and, in some cases, killed or forced to commit suicide.
New Age Plastic
Composite America is testing a process that turns oil from crushedsoybeans into solid form, which in turn could be shaped into panels forcars, construction equipment, farm machinery, snowmobiles - and evenairplanes. Many automobile manufacturers are already using soybean oilinstead of petroleum oil to make interior car parts.,57480170,6622,f/
Thinking about taking up the sport "Kiting"? This guy took it to a new level. "Hang on tight!"
The End

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Cracktalk Newsletter 10-15-4

Crack Talk 10-15-4
Terry Blount

I checked my rss feeds to see how many headlines I read to prepare anewsletter. There were 7,854 headlines during the past 2 weeks. That'sabout 4,000 news headlines per week. Since a lot of headlines areduplicate stories carried by various news agencies (and a lot of the"deals" are insignificant 10% discount coupons or free shipping) Iestimate that I open about 1 out of every 20 links and scan thearticles. That comes to about 200 articles I open and browse from therss feeds. I probably scan another 100 articles from websites that don'thave rss feeds or links etc from message boards and tips sent bymembers.
I know some good stuff still slips by but I'm doing the best I can tobring the best news/tips to your attention. When you see something ofinterest don't forget to let me know so I can pass it on to othermembers. That's often where the best info comes from. Don't bediscouraged if I don't include your tips. Usually the reason for notincluding a tip is because I had already mentioned it.. or sometimesit's too political. I think I can address the political situation andmake most readers happy with one of the following statements: That DogBush! That Dog Kerry! There you go.. fair and balanced reporting. Haha
If you bid on eBay watch out for a con known as "second chance"
People who have lost out in an auction are sent an email offering them asecond chance to buy goods they bid for. But when the consumer clicks ona link in the email, they are taken to a hacker's website where theircredit card details are stolen. Because the hacker's site looksidentical to eBay - which runs a legitimate second chance service - manyare fooled by the scam.
Ashcroft in Attack Mode to Stop Piracy
This initiative is the most ambitious, aggressive crackdown onintellectual property theft in history.,1,7796459.story?coll=la-home-business
He may not have trashed any hotel rooms, but US Attorney General JohnAshcroft spent over $200,000 of taxpayers' money in a four-week, 31-citytour last year promoting the controversial USA PATRIOT Act, according toa report by Congressional auditors released Tuesday.
BSA earns $2.2m in Annual Anti-Piracy Sweep
The Business Software Alliance -- a trade group supported by Apple,Intuit, Microsoft and about 20 others -- has collected $2.2m inout-of-court settlements in its annual software piracy sweep. The grouptargets US companies that violate software licensing and copyrightrules.,39020651,39170128,00.htm
One member wrote saying they had heard a national BSA radio ad that wasasking employees to report any unregistered software they could find ontheir companies computers.
It's Blackmail - any other form of blackmail would be illegal
The BSA campaign is nothing less than a form of intimidation andblackmail. Major vendors, namely Microsoft, are using the BSA and otherorganizations to spread Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) into thehearts and minds of corporate IT organizations.
Microsoft Patches 21 Bugs In Windows, Exchange, Office
In the biggest monthly patch roll-out of the year, Microsoft on Tuesdaydisclosed 21 flaws in Windows, Exchange, and Office, and said that usersneeded to "install the update immediately" for the seven bulletinstagged as "Critical."
Top 20 Computer Threats Unveiled
Top 20 list helps organizations find out if they are closing the mostcommonly exploited loopholes. Almost 60% of the loopholes listed thisyear were in the 2003 Top 20 list. Mr Paller said this was because onlyhalf of all organizations bother to patch their systems.

The US government is funding a year long study on chat room surveillanceunder an anti-terrorism program. Instead of rummaging through megabytesof messages, RPI professor Bulent Yener will use mathematical models insearch of patterns in the chatter. Yener also wants to check messagesfor certain keywords that could reveal something about what's beingdiscussed in groups.
Hummm... hasn't Echelon been doing this since the internet started?
Norbert Writes:
Remember the cracksearcher tool you turned us on to way back when? MyNorton AV doesn't find a problem with it, but I installed Panda AV anddid a scan, and it automatically removed it because it is a "hackingtool". Have you had any other feedback about this?
I haven't heard that yet.. but it doesn't surprise me. For a long timevirus scanners have recognized cracks as viruses because they can tellthat the cracks have code to modify an exe file and only viruses (andcracks) are written to do that. Panda should give you a choice todelete it or not though.
It's Election Time
The Supreme Court on Tuesday sidestepped a dispute over whether Internetproviders can be forced to identify subscribers illegally swapping musicand movies online. The Bush administration agrees with recording andmovie companies which want to use a 1998 law to get information aboutInternet users, but the administration also had encouraged the SupremeCourt to wait to settle the issue.
Google has released a tool that lets people search their hard drives.
You can search e-mails in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, as wellas files in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and in plain text. It alsosearches web pages viewed in Internet Explorer and instant messages inAOL Instant Messenger.
Google said the software was based on its internet search engine. Ittakes a while to index a PC hard drive, but after that the company sayssearch results will appear in fractions of a second.
Note: The disclaimer says: "non-identifying statistics will be sent."
"Once the Google search technology is installed it will transmit basicdata daily about usage patterns. For example, it will tell the companyhow often Google is being used to search personal computers, how oftenit is used to search the Web, and how often simultaneous searches aredone. Google lets users opt out of sending some usage data, but not allof it."
You may not want this "tool" on your business computer. And you may wantto rename any folders that are labeled "Pirated Software" before youindex your drive.
Google: Sending Out an SMS
Google has taken the wraps off of a beta release of Google SMS,extending Google's reach to cell phones and other handheld devices.Google SMS returns names, addresses and the phone numbers of localbusinesses and residences; provides a dictionary, and compares productprices between stores.
Optimizing Windows XP
If you're having performance issues with Windows XP then follow thissimple step-by-step guide to speed things up.,39020478,39169958,00.htm
Derek Writes:
Windows XP Service Pack 2 Installation Problem
If you install XP SP2 on a machine and don't have the serial numberquite right it will leave several folders that can't be deleted and thesystem will frequently crash or just reboot even in safe mode. To fixthat you apparently have to get back ownership. Here's how:;en-us;Q308421
Brian Writes:
For those of us using legitimate versions of WinRAR, give this patch ashot for some great new looks for WinRAR!
Daniel Writes:
With Macally SyncBox you can transfer photos from your digital camera toyour flashdrive (USB HDD) with a touch of a button and never have toworry about your digital camera running out of memory space again. The best price I found was $33.32 at
eCost has a 1 gig usb drive for $49 after rebate,blank
Mac vs. PC - who cares anymore?
New software called Cherry OS lets PC Windows machines run Mac OS X orMac users to run Windows applications on their Macs.
Sometimes I come across something that I would never have imagined andthe more I think about it the more ridiculous it becomes.
Here is the latest example... Hip-hop music is now on Karaoke
Not only is this astonishingly stupid - because I can't see any "rapper"hitting the streets with his Karaoke in hand and setting up on the conerwith a hat strategically placed for spare change.... but MOST of hip hopis profanity which appears on the lyrics screen as ####. I guess thosewho know the words have no problem substituting the "N" word or the "F"word when they see those pound signs appear.
I'm still shaking my head because a rapper with a Karaoke is just askingto have his A$$ kicked... haha Perhaps that's what artist Stroke 9Lyrics was rapping about in his song: "Kick Some Ass"

Introducing the FREE Radio@Netscape!
Access to more than 175 stations, including music, news, sports, andlocal radio. Improved listening experience: less up-front buffering timeand less gaps between songs. Ability to save your favorite stations andrate your favorite songs.
Amazon is getting into the movie rental business and Netflix vows tolower their prices. I signed up for the Walmart movie rental trial andfound that they are SLOW to send out the movies I rented. It took abouta week to get them. It looks like I could enjoy about 6 movies per monthfor the $15 fee. Unless I order the old movies that play for free on tv.
Alaska Joe Writes:
Hi Terry, here is a new one for your readers, Windows Ultimate Boot CDsame idea as the UBCD but made from your Windowz XP CD.
Gary Writes:
How to put sp1 & 2 on one cd for xp to make it a 100% auto run install
The name of tool is Service Pack 2 Deployment Tools the info how to dothese steps are here. (They check our OS to see if it is legit.)
Stolen 'Halo 2' Hits Pirate Sites
Microsoft threatened severe penalties for those who circulate a stolencopy of "Halo 2," the hotly anticipated Xbox game set to go on sale nextmonth. Microsoft representatives confirmed that a pirated copy of "Halo2"--in the French language and the PAL video format used by Europeantelevision sets--began circulating on the Internet late Wednesday vianewsgroups and "warez" sites for swapping pirated software.
Yahoo Inc. reported a quarterly net profit that more than tripled lastyear boosted by the sale of shares it held in rival Google Inc.
About one percent of adults have absolutely no interest in sex.
This Crazy World
China has decided that a man cannot name his kid "@" because it can't betranslated into Mandarin. However, someone has figured out how totranslate @ into Mandarin, because there are an awful lot ofMandarin-speaking people with email addresses.
Just weeks after the success of SpaceShipOne...
Virgin has found a lot of people are interested in blasting off tospace, even if for only five minutes. The expected price tag hoveringsomewhere near $200,000 isn't scaring off many people. Over 3,000 havesaid they're interested, according to the company, including a bunch whohave showed up at the company's offices with checks in hand.
The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday overwhelmingly passed abill that would make spyware illegal and provide stiff sanctions foranyone found breaking that law.,1759,1668518,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03129TX1K0000614
The law doesn't go into effect till Jan 1st... so why are we waiting?
F.C.C. Clears Internet Access by Power Lines
Federal Communications Commission adopted rules on Thursday that wouldenable the utility companies to offer an alternative to the broadbandcommunications services now provided by cable and phone companies.
Only 4 percent of Americans have ever used the Internet to buyprescription drugs and even fewer do so through foreign pharmacies.
You think gas is expensive, this water is about $15 per gallon
You think that water is expensive, try ink.
At $2,145 per liter, printer ink is more expensive per drop than ChanelNo.5 or a good bottle of whiskey. Ink costs more than vintage champagneand filling a swimming pool with ink would cost nearly $6 billion.
Priceline No Cancellations and No Refunds -- No Kidding
Your credit card company won't give you credit if you are dissatisfied.No matter how much trouble you get into, Capt. Kirk's not coming to therescue, and Scotty's not beaming you up.,1,6122599.column?coll=la-headlines-technology
Wireless Purple Pill
The aptly-named "Jonah" pill contains a wireless temperature sensor toremotely monitor your vital signs. The pill is part of the VitalSensephysiological monitoring system designed by the Mini Mitter Company incollaboration with the US Army.
FDA Says Docs Can Chip Patients
The Food and Drug Administration gives doctors the go-ahead to implantradio frequency microchips in patients. When scanned, the chips willrelease patients' medical information to doctors, speeding care.,1282,65332,00.html?tw=rss.TOP
Getting off the controversial "do-not-fly-list" is as simple asmodifying your name. Add a middle initial or a suffix, and you'll b0rkthe data management system. The system seems to be poorly designed.
Camcorder - works like a webcam - only much better!
Higher resolution, clearer picture, twice as fast refresh rate than aweb cam... thats what you can get if you use your camcorder for awebcam. OrangeWare makes the WebcamDV software that will turn yourcamcorder into a Webcam. The software actually tricks Windows intothinking the camcorder is really a Webcam. You can download the trialversion from their website and then upgrade to the full version for $20.
Funny Websites
John sends this one:
Larry sends this one:
Good Luck
Taiwan Hopes to Wipe Out Red Fire Ants in 3 Years
I got news for them... the fire ants will not be eradicated. I'vespent between $100 and $200 every year to kill the mounds just aroundmy dad's house and farm. Their only hope may be this fire ant predator:
I don't get the sense that this fly actually kills many ants... but theones it does kill die a horrible death. They attack only fire ants. Thefemale deposits an egg on or in a fire ant's body. Weeks later, a maggothas moved through the unlucky ant's neck into its head-and eaten thecontents. The head falls off after an enzyme dissolves its connectingtissue.
I pray that I never get one of those eggs on me. As bad as I hate fireants I don't want a maggot eating the "contents" of my head prior tometamorphosis after my head drops to the ground like a coconut.
Flat-Panel LCD Monitors dropping in price
19 inch lcd Acer monitor 500:1 contrast ratio $399 ($15 shipping)
Same price here:
Princeton 19" Flat-Panel Display 700:1 contrast ratio, 1280x1024 maxresolution, DVI & VGA inputs, 170B0 super wide viewing angle andbuilt-In Hi-Fi speakers. $399.00 AFTER $100 mail in rebate.
Sony unveiled a new DVD burner that can be connected to a camcorder orVCR for transferring taped footage directly to a DVD, without using acomputer.
DVDirect can also be attached to a PC, the company said. Sony willsupply software for video authoring, as well as the creation of data,music and video DVDs and CDs.
Sony said the $300 burner is set to begin shipping next month.
The device can burn up to 12 hours of MPEG-2 video onto compatibledouble-layer DVDs or up to six hours onto standard single-layer DVD+R orDVD+RW discs, using its real-time video-capturing and MPEG-2-encodingcapability. The machine supports dual-format, double-layer burning whenattached to a PC with a USB 2.0 connection, and has maximum recordingspeed of 16X.
Compaq Presario 2.7GHz MiniTower $299
Intel Celeron Processor 2.7GHz, 256MB DDR SDRAM, 40GB 5400rpm HardDrive, CD-RW Drive, 10/100 NIC, 56K Modem, Microsoft Windows XP HomeEdition (refurbished)
That's a pretty good deal. After I bought the HP 2.8 ghz system fromGeekdeals a few months ago all these machines went up about $150 (From$300 to $450). This one doesn't have DVD but it comes with Win XP makingthis a hard deal to beat. Just a few days ago my son spent $223 on 2.7ghz processor and motherboard alone. And he did a lot of research onPricewatch and other sites to find that deal. For $75 more he couldhave gotten it in the case with powersupply, hard drive, cd-rw, xp, etc.
The Windows version of Froogle was launched this week still finds better deals but it's been around at least ayear. Hopefully this price search portal will become a valuable tool.
NEVER NEVER buy a product before you have checked it's current value onsites like Froogle and Pricescan. I'm FREQUENTLY shocked at the hugeprice drops. Often an item will be discontinued and dealers that haveit move fast to dump their stock.
These resources can help prevent overpaying. ActivShopper - A web browser add-on thatautomatically scans, locates and compares prices for any item selectedat an e-commerce site. Eliminates price comparison tables and the needto jump from site to site to find the best price. BuyPath - An online comparison shopping guidewith shopping community to share experiences. CNET Shopper - Searches for the lowest prices oncomputers, software, office products and electronics. Compare123 - Compare prices on computers,digital cameras, home electronics, DVDs, and music. - Compare prices onbooks, clothing, collectibles, computers, electronics, home and garden,Internet services, movies, music, office products, video games. Includesreviews. DealTime - Compare products, prices, stores,services, and read reviews. mySimon - Comparison shopping site presentingproduct listings from stores, organized categorically. ShoppingSpot - Shopping and consumerinformation portal that simplifies the search for shopping sites bycategory, product reviews, comparison shopping sites and coupons. StreetPrices - PC component, PDA, anddigital camera price index with graphs of prices over time. Includese-mail alerts when an item drops below the price specified. Yahoo! Shopping - Includes productinformation, price comparisons and merchant reviews.
The End
I won the court case against Airframes Unlimited for failure to upholdtheir warranty and was awarded a judgement of $6,612 to buy anotherengine. Collecting the money is still the most difficult part though.
I'm definitely not a lawyer and don't even want to pretend to be one butI did a LOT of research and got great legal help from a few lawyers whodidn't want to take a case that involved trying to collect only a fewthousand dollars. Here is some critical information that will be mostuseful to you if you have a dispute that you can't settle with abusiness... and don't want to hire a lawyer to fight for you.
First, as I have mentioned briefly before, you can take someone to courtby filing a small claims report at your local courthouse. The fee isusually about $200 and you can ask for up to $10,000. You don't need alawyer, you just tell your story - like you see on the tv programs.Small claims can only give you MONEY.. so you need proof of what it willcost to fix or replace the product in dispute.
The court sends a certified letter to the person or company... if theperson/business refuses the letter that's still proof that they are atthat location and they will send a second letter that says they havebeen served and must enter a plea and a court date will be set. (Unlessthey settle the matter with you at that time and you drop the case.)
Keep in mind that the main thing you want to do is INCONVENIENCE theother party. So sue them where YOU live. The reason you can sue someonewhere you live (who has sold you something over the internet) is wellestablished in several cases. This summary of Internet-Based PersonalJurisdiction, in the Computer Law Reporter is excellent:
Fundamentally it comes down to these things:
Their web site is designed to sell product(s) in all states includingYOURS. They meet the 3 qualifications for doing business in your state:(1) directed electronic activity into the state, (2) with the manifestedintent of engaging in business or other interactions within the state,and (3) that activity created, in a person within the state, a potentialcause of action cognizable in the state’s courts. (ALS Scan, Inc. v.Wilkins et al. 293 F. 3d.707 (D. Md. 2001))
Second, like in my case, businesses often try to blame you for theproblem. This act puts the burden of proof on them to show that youcaused the problem. This keeps an automotive dealer from saying thetires blew out because you tinted your windshield.
MAGNUSON MOSS WARRANTY ACT - US Code - Title 15, Chapter 50, Sections2301-2312 says:
Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicledue to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarketpart caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle.
Third, also in my case, the business may say that you didn't ask for awarranty and didn't get one. The Uniform Commercial Code is VERY clearabout implied warranties - making it almost impossible for them tosquirm out if you didn't sign a statement that says you agreed to thepurchase "as is."
The UCC..Uniform Commercial Code says:
An implied warranty of merchantability automatically arises in everysale of goods made by a merchant who deals in goods of the kind sold(UCC 2-314) Goods that are merchantable are "reasonably fit for theordinary purposes for which such goods are used". They must be of atleast average, fair, or medium grade quality. The quality must becomparable to quality that will pass without objection in the trade ormarket for goods of the same description. A sale is also accompanied byan IMPLIED warranty of merchantability that imposes on the merchantLIABILITY for the safe performance of the product. It makes nodifference whether the merchant knew or could have discovered a DEFECTthat makes the product unsafe.
The implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose arises when ANYseller (merchant or non merchant) knows the particular purpose for whicha buyer will use the goods and knows that the buyer is relying on theseller's skill and judgement to select suitable goods. (UCC 2-315)
In my case, Don Stutts said that he didn't manufacture the engine so hewasn't responsible for the warranty... even though he sold it to me. Itold the judge that if that argument worked then anyone busted forselling pot could get off by saying "I didn't grow it."
Hope you never have to use this info but good luck if you do.

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Cracktalk Newsletter 10-8-4

Crack Talk 10-8-4
Terry Blount

New Software Allows File Sharing, Legally
As RIAA pushes to sue over 5,500 users for copyright infringement, a newsoftware program attempts to get around the central argument: "Personaluse" means you can share your music with a small, select group offriends, not everyone on Kaaza.
Grouper was introduced yesterday by Grouper Networks. Instead ofallowing at-will downloading, this program lets up to 30 of your friendsand family share what's on your computer. It does not allow anyone todownload files, just view/listen to them off your computer.
Grouper Networks hopes this free program will get around the musicindustry's claim that trading music is a criminal offense when done witha standard file-sharing program.
If "personal use" means I can loan CDs to someone I know, it appearsGrouper has solved the biggest problem facing users. It also will givenew headaches to the music industry.
Windows 98 and ME are not supported
I'm sure the RIAA will claim this is broadcasting. But it's aninteresting concept.
Panda Finds Program to Create JPEGs Exploiting Microsoft Flaw
Panda Software reported finding a tool on black hat hacker sites thatcan be used to create files in the JPEG image format that exploit thevulnerability in Microsoft's JPEG processing component.
Officials with Panda Software said the attacker tool, calledJPGTrojan.C, allows a user to create several payloads that can beincluded in the malicious image file. They include payloads to add a newuser to the infected computer and grant that user administrative rights,specify a port to be opened to allow remote access to the computer,specify a remote IP address and a port and establish a connection ordownload an executable file and run it.
Here is a list of programs that the JPEG bug can attack:
Microsoft Eyes Lighter Versions of Longhorn
Microsoft is developing versions of its Windows operating system withonly a subset of the Windows code base, designed for specific servertasks, in a move that could reduce maintenance costs for customers andcreate products that are less vulnerable to attack.
Finally someone listens to me! Now make the light/secure versionavailable for USERS!
Intel Releases New 64-bit Compilers, Supports EM64T
Santa Clara (CA) - Intel today introduced new software compilers whichallow developers to create applications for Intel's Extended Memory 64Technology (EM64T). The products support AMD64 architecture and join theexisting compilers for the Itanium 2 platform.
Microsoft to Muscle Deeper Into VOIP?
Microsoft is expected to play up Live Communications Server 2005, dueout this month, as a key piece of its quest to conquer the telephonymarket. Microsoft's end game is to become a telephony provider and giveVonage, Verizon, etc., a run for their money.,1995,1667468,00.asp?kc=MWRSS02129TX1K0000535
New Trojan Program Squashes Adware
A new Trojan horse program that attacks and removes troublesomeadvertising software, known as "adware," is circulating on the Internet,according to antivirus company Symantec.
The program, called Downloader.Lunii, was discovered on Monday. Whenrun, it attempts to kill off computer processes and delete files used bycommon adware programs like Powerscan and BargainBuddy. However, Luniiis not entirely benevolent. Like other Trojan horse programs, it alsomodifies the configuration of Microsoft (Profile, Products, Articles)Windows machines and attempts to download files from a remote location.
Pirating Just Got Easier
Sony's music unit is abandoning its CDs that use built-in technology tolimit copying them, after pushing the program for two years. The CDs letusers copy their music once for free onto a personal computer, but usethe internet to charge a fee for subsequent copying of the same disk.,1367,65213,00.html?tw=rss.TOP
Google Offers New Book-Search Feature
Expanding a program introduced last year, Google is inviting publishersto include entire books in its index, enabling people to peak at thecontents before making a decision on whether to buy.
Although entire books will be scanned in, the new feature won't letpeople read them entirely online. But participating publishers mustallow people to read at least 20 percent.
Microsoft Opens IM Server to AOL, Yahoo
The interconnection will allow enterprise users of LCS 2005 to send andreceive messages with users on AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messengerand MSN Messenger directly from the software's IM client, WindowsMessenger, as well as to add members from those networks onto theirbuddy lists.,1759,1634150,00.asp
A Government-Mandated Backdoor For Every Network
Under pressure from the Department of Justice (DoJ) and federal lawenforcement, the FCC is gathering comments on a proposal to expand CALEAto cover broadband Internet access providers and Voice over IP (VoIP)telephony companies.
If the FCC adopts the proposal, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) andnearly all VoIP companies will have to design their systems to betappable,
Hot Wheels
It's cute, tiny, and plastic. The kids love it (especially in Europe).It also gets 70 miles per gallon, and you can fit three side by side ina standard parking spot. Move over, Mini: The Smart microcar could bethe next big thing on America's roads. A major study ranked the Fortwo'stailpipe the least polluting in the world, ahead of more than 1,200cars.
House OKs Bill Imposing 'Spyware' Fines
Companies and others that secretly install "spyware" programs onpeople's computers to quietly monitor their Internet activities wouldface hefty federal fines under a bill the House passed Tuesday.,55955041,1466,f/
Sony's Home Server Stores 1 Terabyte
Sony has started selling a TIVO on steroids.
Plan to Regulate Tobacco Blocked in Congress
$50 Million Orbital Space Race Launched
A Las Vegas hotel magnate who is hoping to build the world's firstcommercial space stations on Tuesday launched a challenge offering $50million to the creators of the first privately funded spaceship to reachorbit.
SpaceShipOne, built by aircraft designer Burt Rutan and financier PaulAllen, had to travel at about three times the speed of sound in order toreach the 62-mile altitude required to win the Ansari X Prize.
An orbital spacecraft has to travel six times faster and four timeshigher, and, like NASA's space shuttle, also requires more extensiveheat shielding.,55967967,7665,f/
Two Israelis and an American won the 2004 Nobel Prize for Chemistry onWednesday for helping to understand how the human body gives the "kissof death" to rogue proteins to defend itself from diseases like cancer.
AT&T Looks Into Closing its Windows
Network services giant AT&T is evaluating different operating systems,including Linux and Mac OS X, as alternatives to Windows for internal use.
North Korea has trained more than 500 computer hackers capable oflaunching cyber warfare against the United States, South Korea's defenseministry says.
Humm... I thought North Korea only had one or two comptuers. I guess youcan learn how to hack using a pencil and notepad. I wouldn't take thatthreat too serious. It's probably hype to slow the withdrawel of UStroops from South Korea. It must be working:
U.S. delays S. Korea troop withdrawal - October 6, 2004
Hey I've got an idea... why not recruit the North Korean hackers?Samsung is trying to find new talent. Oops, I nearly forgot. Youcan't LEAVE North Korea.
Spammers Use 'Opt-Out' to Install Trojan
MessageLabs has issued a warning to Internet users not to click on the"opt-out" link on spam emails, as the company said it had discoveredyesterday a number of messages using this function to open a spamdistribution point on the recipient's computer.,39020375,39169061,00.htm
What's new on Gmail?
Gmail Notifier Want to know if you've got new mail? Let us do thechecking so you don't have to. Find out when new messages arrive, andeven see their subjects, senders and snippets, all without having toopen a web browser.
Search your contacts With the new and improved Contacts list, search fora contact as easily as you would a message in Gmail. Add notes and phonenumbers. View messages directly from the Contacts list. Stay in touchwith the people in your life more easily than ever before.
Automatic forwarding to another email account. We're testing a newfeature that lets you forward new incoming messages to any email accountyou want. It's free during the test and you can set it up in seconds.Even set up filters to forward only some of your messages. It's yourmail. Get it the way you want it.
And finally... Save Drafts! For when you can't find the right words,save drafts and find them later.
Thoms Hardware Guide: RAID 5 Scaling Tests With Up To Eight Drives
I ran across this tip on a message board.
This is a unix computer with a bunch of folks all running on one PC.
If you mirror (RAID 1) a pair of Serial ATA drives, and back up to DVDor CDRW, you will be most of the way there as far as speed andreliability go with the least money and effort.
Get an adaptec RAID card with cache memory on it. (for example I justput in a 3200S). This can be bought on ebay for ~200
Get 2 15,000 rpm drives. There are now several brands that sell thesenow. Stay away from the $%&*^ Hitachi drives, I have now 4 of 10 thatwere bad.
Get 73Gb drives, even if you do not need the space. If your stuff is onthe front 1/2 of the drive, then it doesn't have to move as much to getyour stuff and will result in a faster read.
Mirror the 2 drives. This gives a slightly slower performance (maybe10%) on writes than a single drive system, but gives a 100% performanceincrease on average if you are reading data. Since every write needs toread to see where to write, and other reasons, I have found that 9 of 10disk operations are reads. This results in a total of a 90% speedimprovement over one drive. This weekend I was seeing average accessstats in the sub 1 millisecond range. That is ripping it up!
On a RAID 5 system (do not do this) you are slower on writes, and do notgain much back on reads. Only the striping helping there. Also thistakes 3 drives minimum.
Bill Watson
Gaming Tip - XP
One trick to help when the game is running is to do a CTRL + DEL andfind the game in the task list. Right click on it and set the priorityof the game either to realtime or high. That tells the CPU to favor thegame and give it more processor cycles. Just keep in mind if it'sfavored too much then other things may suffer. So you'll have to try itand see what works best for you.
Cool Magic Trick
New Fuel Cell Technology That Cuts Price in Half
Chat room open 24/7 to talk with users and experts about Win XP.
Interesting Reading About Sirius Satellite Radio and Howard Stern,1,3230900.story?coll=la-headlines-technology
Oh Boy we need a lot more of these.
This credit card-sized shotgun, created by a gun store owner for selfdefense, fires seven standard steel BBs from each barrel.
It's a two-shot weapon made from a piece of metal the height and widthof a standard credit card, and about a half-inch thick. Each barrelfires seven standard steel BBs. It will retail for $100.
Nature is Amazing
Take these birds that mate and then go their own way to spend the winterthousands of miles apart. In the summer the male and female arrivewithin 3 days of each other to their original mating grounds to mateagain.
Competition for Google
A group of Carnegie Mellon graduates have put together a search enginethat they hope will prove to be serious competition for Google. Thesite,, is intended to provide shorter, more aggregategroupings (or "clusters") of search results. The company, which wasfounded by the graduates four years ago, is profitable and has made mostof their money by selling search technology to corporations. I tried it - it's pretty good.
Toot My Own Horn
No... you ladies don't need to look away... this is something I ranacross that gave this newsletter high praises. And this was way back in1999 but it still applies today.
This cracks me up...
Remember the $200 million satellite that fell over when workers weremoving it? When it fell it caused $130 million dollars in damages. Imentioned it in a previous newsletter. After about a year of "study"they concluded the damage was caused by the workers who dropped it.haha... Everyone figured that out when they first read the story.
Hey Joe... sorry we are going to have to let you go. The boss over atthe head office is pissed about that rocket you dropped.
Once upon a time you only saw these kinds of stories in the supermarkettabloids. Now the main stream media is reporting them. This week therewere two that surfaced.
Monkey Boy
Dog Boy
The media really likes the Dog Boy story.
Huge Price Drop! Benq T904 19" LCD Display Black - 1280X1024 25MSRefresh 700:1CR FREE SHIPPING! price: $429.99
The End

Monday, October 04, 2004


Cracktalk Newsletter 10-01-4

Crack Talk 10-01-4
Terry Blount
Jpeg of Death - Personal hacking has arrived!
This is truly the "backdoor" to Windows that everyone has either wishedfor or worried that was coming.
The corrupted JPEG images are INDISTINGUISHABLE from other images butcontain a slightly modified version of recently released exploit codefor the JPEG vulnerability called the "JPEG of Death" exploit. The JPEGof Death uses a JPEG file formatted to trigger an overflow in a commonWindows component called the GDI+ JPEG decoder, which is used byWindows, Internet Explorer, Outlook and many other Windows applications.
When opened by Win XP users, the infected JPEGs try to install a copy ofRadmin, a legitimate software application that allows users to remotelycontrol their computers. In this case, however, the program is beingused by the remote attacker as a Trojan horse program. Infected Windowsmachines are also programmed to report back to an IRC (Internet relaychat) channel.
Antivirus software, in combination with the Windows patch, is currentlythe only known protection from attacks that use this vulnerability.
A patch has been issued for the JpegOfDeath hole. But so what? No onebelieves every single user of Microsoft's Internet Explorer is going toapply it, and this means the door is wide open for hackers.
It's here if you are one of the few users who may actually patch it.
Note... DON'T get the whole 93 meg service pack... unless you want it.Get WindowsXP-KB833987-x86-ENU 1.35 MB

Instant Message programs and web sites may also be used to install thecode... and it will send messages to other people on your contact listto visit the site and also get hacked.
The malicious code is embedded in a JPEG image and exploits a securityflaw in the way many Microsoft applications process such images.Microsoft identified and patched the flaw on Sept. 14, but severalapplications, including Office and Windows, require separate patches.
Quick and dirty perl code to detect djpeg can be found here:
The code is floating around in the "wild" for anyone to download andmodify. This makes it very easy for any amature programmer to hack thecode and use as they wish - and take over the computer of anyone theysend a picture to. When I say "take over" I mean use the computer justlike you are sitting at the keyboard. You can browse through their filesand find personal information, turn on their sound and camera, or usetheir computer to send spam, hack other computers... the possibilitiesare endless.
All the attacker has to do is simply change image extension from .jpg to.bmp or .tif or whatever and stupid Windows XP will still treat the fileas a JPEG. Also the fact is this vulnerability is exploitable withoutthe victim clicking a link. For instance you send them the image witha 1,1 width,height and then' they can't see it in Outlook Express, sothere like man this image has a cool name so I'll try to open theattachment, then they're are screwed.
You can find the source code here: here:,39878.0.htmlOr here: just Google "John Bissell A.K.A. HighT1mes" and you'll find thesource code posted on dozens of web sites and discussion boards.
I have a feeling that before his bug is gone people won't care what youlook like and you'll seldom be asked to send your picture.
What to do if your security is lame?
If you are Microsoft you $ charge $ Hotmail users to download their email into Outlook. In the past, people could download e-mail fromHotmail into Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express for free. But nowonly people who had paid an annual subscription fee will be able toaccess their messages without opening a browser window.
The stated purpose of this fee is to curb spam. How will keeping peoplefrom reading their email help reduce spam? Hotmail already limits you tosending ~100 messages/day. They're clearly using spam as a scapegoatbecause you can still use Hotmail Popper and any POP3 email client (evennon-Microsoft ones... Oh, the humanity!) to access their account, andeven send messages through it. (It's onthe 120 gig drive... just about everything that is good is on it.)
Underground Files Site:
What to do when your product is crappy?
If you are Microsoft you teach your customers to run it in "safe" mode.
It's relatively easy to add a Safe Mode option to the Win XP Boot menu.Follow these steps:
I suspect this is an advertising gimmick.
California company gives away 100 GByte email accounts... and promises 1tetra byte to first person to fill it.
Hackers use Google to Access Photocopiers
Making copies of something important? Photocopiers are the latestnetworked devices to fall prey to hackers armed with nothing more thanGoogle's search engine "You don't have to be a genius to do this," saidJason Hart, security director at Whitehat UK. "You can see what peopleare photocopying on your monitor. You just have to search for onlinedevices on Google.",39020345,39167848,00.htm
Carlo's Bootleg RSS Feedpalooza
Carlo builds RSS feeds for sites that don't offer them. And for a coupledollars he will personally build a RSS feed for any site you want.
Saudi Edict Bans Mobile Phone Cameras
Saudi Arabia's highest religious authority has issued an edict barringthe use of cell phones with built-in cameras, blaming them for"spreading obscenity" as a final resort after a ban on their sale andimport to the kingdom failed to dent their popularity.
Someone explain this to me... You can't photo a nude woman in SaudiArabia but a victim of rape must produce four witnesses in order toprove her accusation against the rapist. Something is flawed in thislogic. If I were an abused female I would just say he used his cameraphone.
Jail Time for Downloaders
The House of Representatives passes a bill that would sic the feds onpeople using peer-to-peer networks to swap songs or movies. Copyrightinfringers may face up to three years in prison.,1412,65122,00.html
Linux: A Vehicle for Pirating Windows
PCs running Linux are growing in popularity in part because they can beloaded with a pirated copy of Windows. A consulting firm issued a reporton Wednesday stating that about 40 percent of Linux PCs will be modifiedto run an illegal copy of Windows, a bait-and-switch maneuver thatlowers the cost of obtaining a Windows PC.
Price, of course, is a huge motivator in piracy. All of the componentsinside PCs have dropped in price in the past several years, exceptWindows. Windows accounted for around 5 percent to 6 percent of the costof building a "professional"-level PC in 1996. Now, the operating systemaccounts for 12 percent to 15 percent of the cost.
Your Book Sucks! That'll Be $350
The previously reputable and even harsh Kirkus Reviews has decided thatfor the honor of receiving a review from their sacred work force youshould pay a modest $350 (US) fee.;sid=04/09/27/18055910
Once you are in ... you are in.
More than 40 percent of the Pentagon's $900 billion in prime contractsduring the past six years have been awarded without competitive bidding.,55236305,3498,f/
ACLU and EFF strike down part of PATRIOT Act
EFF has helped the ACLU overturn one of the worst elements of the USAPATRIOT Act, the "National Security Letters," which were secret warrantsthat the Justice Department could write for itself without judicialoversight and then bind the recipients to indefinite silence. That'sright: secret, no-oversight warrants with perpetual gag-orders. The ACLUbrought suit against the DoJ on this one, and we filed briefs on theirside, and today, a federal court struck down this part of PATRIOT asunconstitutional.
Judge Says No More Secret Access To ISP Records
A judge has declared part of the Patriot Act unconstitutional,suggesting that the FBI shouldn't have powers to look over the privaterecords of a company's customers without the company being allowed totell anyone.
Nokia Enters Video Surveillance Business
Unlike most systems that send video to mobile handsets, the cell phonegiant's new Nokia Remote Camera bypasses the Internet altogether throughits own integrated GSM transceiver.
Derek Writes:
I was looking for a cd boot so I can access my NTFS drives in DOS andstumbled upon this.
Jay Writes
If you're running Windows XP networked, you can use a little-knownapplication to talk to other available users on the network. AtStartRun, enter "winchat" without the quotes. Click on Conversationsand Dial, select the computer to call and click OK. This will ring theuser and invite him or her to chat with you.
Package your applications for installation on other computers by usingWindows XP IExpress. It creates a simple self-extracting,self-installing package of applications. To launch IExpress, clickStartRun and enter "iexpress" without the quotes. A Wizard will talkyou through the procedure from there.
PC Micro stocks this IDE Drive to USB 2.0 adapter item PCMS-IDE2USBfor $18 + shipping. It is basically the guts of an external enclosure,useful for quick hot-swapping between drives.
Wanna quit smoking? ..just get tossed in jail in California.
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill to ban tobaccoproducts in state prisons. (What will the prisoners use for currency?)
The company that first popularized the concept of a PC that fits in yourhand will launch its first model next month, after two years of delays.
OQO will launch its tiny computer Oct. 14. The upstart has created afull-fledged Windows XP computer, called OQO model 01, that is about thesame size and shape as a Palm organizer or Pocket PC. The unit can alsobe inserted into a docking station.
Microsoft announced several new efforts this week to make it easier toconnect digital cameras to PCs. Until this is available you have toinstall software on a pc to get the images off your camera. The MTP is astandard that will be incorporated into XP updates.
Video Cameras at Movies Would Be Crime
Using video cameras to record films in movie theaters would become afederal crime punishable by up to six years in prison under a billpassed Tuesday by the House.,55108804,1466,f/
No Tan for You
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill on Friday barring childrenunder 14 from going to tanning salons. California lawmakers backed thelegislation in May citing concerns by dermatologists who blame theartificial light in tanning booths for contributing to a rise in skincancer. Violators could be liable for a fine of up to $2,500. Teenagersbetween the ages of 14 and 18 need a note from their parents to go to atanning salon.
(They still don't need a note to buy crack and heroin on the streets.)
Ed Writes:
Dilbert's Ultimate House (DUH) is the product of the combined wisdom ofthousands of Dilbert readers, plus the help of real world experts, andit's online for viewing at
You can see the "redneck" input on this project when you note that theyhave a special closet that stores the decorated Christmas tree all yearlong and it simply rolls out on wheels.
DVDs could hold '100 times more'
Imperial College London researchers in the UK are developing a new wayof storing data that could lead to discs capable of holding 1,000gigabytes .
Airlines Could Save Millions
Officials at American, the largest U.S. carrier, believe they can save$11.2 million a year by fixing the less efficient in the 726-plane fleet- sometimes with mechanical adjustments, other times by smoothing outsmall dings that affect a plane's aerodynamics - as part of a largerplan to save $118 million in fuel a year. Also, fueling up at locationswhere aviation fuel is cheaper can save as much as $400 on the next trip.,55140132,6622,f/
This shows you can prove anything with statistics
According to a recent study, women could be faster 100-meter sprintersthan men by the 2156 Olympics. Scientists at Oxford University inEngland reached this conclusion after studying records that revealedthat women have been improving their times faster than men.
Using Maggots to Heal Wounds
Technology and drugs aren't enough to help some patients with woundsthat don't heal properly. Dead flesh is often difficult and painful toremove, and doctors sometimes can't help but take away healthy skin --including scar tissue -- in the process. Leaving the flesh there isn't agood option, either.
Enter the maggots, which are happy to gorge themselves, usually withoutdoing much damage unless they slip into healthy tissue. They also killbacteria, which can be a bonus in patients infected with bacteria thatare resistant to antibiotics.,1286,65117,00.html?tw=rss.TOP
Wanna hear what that "breast-enlarging" ringtone sounds like?
Admit it, even though you know it's totally bogus and totally crass,you've got to be curious to actually hear what that breast-enlargingringtone they've been selling in Japan. You can hear it here. These guysrecorded it to mp3 and after listening all morning they said "we mustnow run out to get our first training bras."
This Will Never Make it to the Market
Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a gene therapythat employs hammerhead ribozymes to inhibit herpes viral replication.When administered by a single injection after the initial infection, thetherapy provides life-long inhibition of recurring outbreaks.
This Won't Hurt a Bit
An Israeli scientist has invented a device that could put an end toinjections and the widespread fear of needles. Among those expected tobenefit eventually are millions of diabetics and children needing shotsfor immunization or anesthetics. The SonoPrep is a hand-held ultrasounddevice that painlessly opens microscopic pores in a small area of theskin, allowing medication to pass into the bloodstream.
48 AA Batteries $8.99 has the Panasonic 48 pack of AA Digital Alkalinebatteries for only $8.99 Pick up in store and save $14 shipping charge.
The End

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