Wednesday, November 17, 2004



Thanks to everyone for your vote. Crack Talk took bronze place in the TechWeb blogger contest.

I want to say welcome to the people who may be checking out this blog/newsletter for the first time.

Crack Talk is starting the 8th year of publication. You are reading the public versions. The public versions
are posted a week or two after the member's editions are emailed to supporting members. At one time I
was emailing a free edition to almost 50,000 readers but that got to be too much trouble so I put a free
edition on a web site then moved it to this blogging site a few months ago. If you want to sign up for the
member's edition it's about $1 per issue, we take credit cards and bill $30 two times a year. Send my
wife email with your credit card info if you want to join. We have been processing credit cards since
1992 when we were selling the Cream of the Crop shareware cd rom disk and never had a problem
that wasn't immediately resolved. Her email address is:

The member's edition has additional info like links to great underground sites, hacking tips and hardware
deals that are not included in the free editions. I guess the best thing I could say about the member's
edition is that it is EXTREMELY rare that a member unsubscribes (and when they do it is usually because
of some hardship) and about half the time the members comes back later. Although I do manually scan
through at least 4,000 rss headlines every week and open at least 300 web pages and check out the
stories and message boards, the main success of the newsletter is the contributions made by members.
Not only do they alert us all to extremely useful info but they find the most amusing clips on the net.

Although Crack Talk came in third in the contest, I still think it's number ONE ... or I would be copying the
blogs that got more votes!


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