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Cracktalk Newsletter 10-29-4

Crack Talk 10-29-4
Terry Blount

Microsoft Plans Windows XP Second Edition
Interesting Case on Music Sharing in Australia
After being taken to court by music industry lawyers for copywriteviolations lead counsel for the defence, Anthony Morris QC, said Coopercould not have abused any copyright material as "all he has done is putin a set of pointers to MP3 sites around the world". The site generatedmoney by offering advertising space.
"He has done nothing that Google or Yahoo hasn't" he provided adirectory for certain types of content," Morris said. "He only provideda hyperlink.",39023166,39164069,00.htm
Extortion Pays
Rather than brass knuckles and baseball bats, the weapons of choice forthese digital extortionists are thousands of computers. They use them tolaunch coordinated attacks that knock targeted websites off-line fordays, or even weeks, at a time.
The shakedowns generate millions of dollars. Many Internet operatorswould rather pay protection money than risk even greater losses if theirwebsites go down.
After more than a year perfecting their techniques on gambling andpornographic websites, the gangs are starting to turn their talents tomainstream e-commerce operations.,1,5082191,email.story?coll=la-headlines-technology
Search Engine for Travel Bargains recently unveiled its SuperSearch feature, a sort of smart"aggregator" that performs like a Google search engine for travel sites,scanning the websites of 45 travel suppliers.,1,4002633,email.column?coll=la-headlines-technology
Google Surpasses Yahoo
Google surpassed Yahoo in stock market capitalization on Monday, as thestock continued its three-day surge on stronger than expected results.
After Monday's 8.7% gain, investors are now valuing Google at $50.8billion, more than Yahoo's $47.9 billion market cap, more than nine ofthe 30 Dow Industrials, and more than all but about 50 of the S&P 500stocks. At $187.40, shares of Google have more than doubled from their$85 IPO price just two months ago.
I never did like Yahoo and almost never used it. Yahoo is on my "doomed"list with AOL. Yahoo's cluttered page looks as bad as and takes a long time to load on dialup... whileGoogle is instant.
Sex Is Out, Consuming Is In
University of Pittsburgh and Penn State researchers conclude people aregetting bored with internet sex/pornography and are doing more onlineshopping. Queries for e-business or commerce increased by 86 percent inthe past seven years.

What's in a Name?
With all the IE browser security issues many people have looked foralternative browsers. The hottest one is called FireFox and even Googleis working on an "arrangement" to promote it and incorporate theirtools. Well it turns out that FireFox is running the core code ofNetscape. So there you have it. Change your name and slap on a different"skin" and you are born again.
10 Facts You Should Know About Homeland Security
Although the first section deals with campaign rhetoric, the rest of thearticle is interesting and informative. Fact #4 was especiallyinteresting: Homeland security spending has less oversight than Pentagonfunding. (YIKES.. just throw those tax dollars away!)
Scientists Develop Clean Diesel System
Scientists at the Idaho National Engineering and EnvironmentalLaboratory say they have developed the first system to convert dirtydiesel fuel into a quiet, self-contained and efficient energy source.
Schaison Writes:
Recently I was given MPC music files. These are not recognize by myIpod. You need to convert them into MP3s. Here is the solution:
Call me suspicious or paranoid... but this doesn't look quite right
Someone is selling a ppc on eBay but look at the bidding...
Someone with the nick MarkZ signed up for eBay almost the same day thiswent up for auction... and has been running the bid up. They could belegit but when I see someone running up a bid that has never bought orsold ANYTHING and has just signed on eBay recently... well it looks likeit COULD be the seller using another nick.
Running up the bid is THE most common scam on eBay. The way it works isthat you will always be oubid on expensive items and the next day or twothe seller will contact you and say the winning bidder backed out andyou can have it at your last bid price. That way they squeeze every centout of you they can.
If you are bidding on anything expensive you are wise to check theperson bidding against you and see if they have bought any related itemsor anything expensive and how long they have been a member. The moreexperienced scammers will set up a nick and use it for a while and win20 or 30 auction on books or cosmetics or any junk that's under $10 tobuild up their rating and look legit. Then they bid against you on theirbig ticket items.
Ask your Doctor... has HE had enough sleep lately?
You see all those ads on tv from pharmaceutical companies telling you to"ask your Doctor about..." But here is something you do REALLY need toask your Doctor about...
Harvard Study Shows Sleep-Deprived Doctors-In-Training Make SeriousErrors More Often.
While it's no surprise that anyone who needs rest is prone to make moremistakes, it does seem a bit strange that a truck driver is required toget much more rest than a Doctor. "There are currently more than100,000 physicians-in-training in the United States, most of whom workthese kinds of 30-hour shifts on a regular basis."
Google mapping - What are your neighbors hammering on over there?
Google has acquired Keyhole, a supplier of online satellite maps thatallow users to zoom down to street level to specific locations. Thesystem is built on database with trillions of bits of mapping datacollected from satellites and airplanes.
As part of its growing effort to thwart piracy, Microsoft is offeringfree photo slideshow software to customers who verify that they have agenuine copy of Windows. There is still no "stick," or penalty, forcustomers whose software is found not to be genuine. That could change,Microsoft said.
I wonder how many people are going to pay $100 to register theirbootlegged version of Windows to get a $20 program they don't want?
Wait... more incentive...
Users who agree to participate in Microsoft's program will be offered upto $390 worth of software for free or reduced prices. In one month828,000 users logged in to check their software.,1759,1684765,00.asp
Skeletal Remains Reveal Human Species That Measured 3-Feet High
The US Military Has Ordered 277 Fighter Jets $260 Million Each
The FA-22 stealth fighter can fly at 1500 km/h and still remainundetected by radar. It fires precisely targeted smart bombs and canengage hostile aircraft far beyond the pilot's vision.
Some years ago there was a serious attempt in the Congress to scrap thewhole project, especially as the revised cost exceeded four times theoriginal estimate.
It failed largely because of pressure from military contractors andlabour unions in states that will directly benefit from thismulti-billion dollar programme.
Nuclear Waste Map
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has shut down its online documentlibrary. The action came after a report by NBC that among the itemsfound on the NRC Web site were detailed information on the location ofradioactive substances, generally used in medicine and for industrialpurposes, that could be used to make a so-called dirty bomb.
In some cases, the data included detailed building diagrams thatpinpointed the location of the material in hospitals and otherfacilities, according to the NBC report.
Howard Stern confronts Michael Powell for fining him millions andholding radio stations hostage (withholding their licenses) till theypay the fines.
2005 Tour de France Racing Course to be Less Demanding
Organizers try to find a way to give Lance Armstrong's rival's a chance.
Damn, you know you are good when the officials try to find a way to giveyour opponents an edge. That's like giving a poor hitter 4 strikesbefore they are out or letting a lesser defense in football play with 12men. Maybe they should make him carry extra weight like a strongerhorse has to do in a race?
A hacker defaced more than 200 Brazilian government Web sites this weekwhat appears to be a political protest.
You may have missed it but this is a great report on the eclipse of the moon that occurred last night.
Another good article with interesting facts about lunar eclipses.
141 Photos of the eclipse taken by armatures
Three very strange stories I saw this week
Mi casa su casa
A woman came home from vacation to find a stranger living there, wearingher clothes, changing utilities into her name and even ripping outcarpet and repainting a room she didn't like. She first told police shewas renting the house but later admitted to breaking in with a shoveland squatting on the property.

Take This Nickel and Shove it
A man was jailed for five years without parole for sexually assaultingfour women with a coin after convincing them he had magical healingpowers. He met women at railway platforms and at shopping centres,convincing them he had magical powers by performing sleight of handtricks. After gaining their confidence he went to their homes where theyallowed him to place a five cent coin on their bodies and theneventually in their vaginas - constituting rape under Queensland laws.,4057,11223115%255E421,00.html

You Light Up My Life
A man who said he threw a live electrical wire into his wife's bathhoping a near-death experience would save their marriage was convictedof attempted first-degree intentional homicide.
This one reminds me of a joke I once heard. You want to hear it? Ok itgoes like this: An elderly couple revisited their hometown and returnedto the place they first made love. The man asked his wife if sheremembered the time they made love leaning against a wooden rail fence.She said of course. He then suggested they do it like that again for oldtime sake. She agreed and they got started. When they finished the mansaid "THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!" The way you were moving around and wasmaking wild animal passion love to me was much better than 40 years agowhen we were young. His wife replied... "40 years ago there was noelectric fence here."
Door Goes Up... Door Goes Down
An upgraded PC has turned itself into an unintentional emitter thatworks a nearby garage-door opener when a certain video game is played onit.
Tips for Hygiene on the Road
If you travel and not staying in motels or pulling a travel trailer hereare some tip on how/where to get a free bath.
I'll add this tip. Truckstops have great showers but they require youto buy a lot of fuel and keep them locked to keep out rif-raf like me.When I owned my moving company a couple times a month I would move someout of state. I usually unloaded and headed straight home but after thework of unloading their furniture I would be sweaty and wanted to getthe road funk off. So the first time I stopped to fuel up I wouldusually try to get a shower. One time the lady who took my moneywouldn't give me a shower key because she said I hadn't bought a 100gallons of fuel. I've heard that before but I always said that I alwaysfill up at Petro (or whatever the station name was that I was at) andthat my truck only would hold 50 gallons. Usually they say ok and gaveme a key and towel. But this lady was a tough old broad and said sorry,can't do it. I said.. "I understand, can you tell me where there is aHoliday Inn in town? I'll just go jump in their swimming pool. I'll beclean by the time the security guard kicks me out." The lady moaned"you would probably do that" and said... "here is the key, don't tellanyone I gave it to you." I guess I get a kick out of getting peopleto reverse their decisions.
Amazing Treatment for a Horrible Condition - Parkinson's disease
First doctors drill a hole in your skull then insert a blunt solderingiron type probe into your head. It pushes it's way through brain tissueto the desired location and the heat is turned on for about 2 minutes.This process, called a pallidotomy, if done correctly, destroys a verysmall part of an overactive area of the brain called the globuspallidus.
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The End

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